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In the Spotlight...L.M. LeFerrur

Please join me in welcoming L.M. LeFerrur and her new release, Rekindled Heat. 

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She had loved and lost…and gained. 

Drea Tate had loved once. One night shattered her world. Left alone and pregnant, Drea moved to Second Chance, Pennsylvania and began a new life for her and her son. 

Bail Enforcement Agent Micah Bridges lands the opportunity to score some quick money catching a bail jumper in a sleepy town in Pennsylvania. Little did he know that he’d find the woman he’d loved…and a son he didn’t know had existed.


“Why don’t you get us both a beer?” was the man’s only reply. Official part of the meeting was over. Time for some alcohol.
Micah weaved his way through the tables toward the bar. He wedged his body between two people sitting on stools at the end. While he waited for the bartender, he tapped his fingertips against the scarred, wooden counter top. Though he wouldn’t mind if she took her time.
She had one of the finest asses he’d ever seen. Heart-shaped and softly rounded. Just enough for a man to grab hold of. She wore form-fitting jeans and a snug, black T-shirt. Bleached-blonde hair, cut short, drew his attention to her long, elegant neck.
Memories slammed into his mind, nearly staggering him. He had once known someone with a similar body build. Right down to the elegant neck. She had been slimmer than the bartender. But she had been his. They had pledged their love, their futures, to one another.
He shook his head to clear his mind of the visions of her. That was years ago. Time had changed him. Made him harder, scarred him, made him more of a realist. He had loved her, but sometimes situations made a person walk away from the ones they cared for.
Someone moved passed and air wafted behind him. Micah sniffed. The normal bar smells were there, but another scent assaulted him.
Warm, alluring vanilla.
Realization crashed over him, robbing him of breath and weakening his knees. He had to lean against the bar to support himself.
That scent belonged to only one person.
The love he’d thought was lost forever.
His Drea.

* * * *

Awareness crept up Drea Tate’s spine. Someone’s gaze weighed heavily upon her.
She turned and looked down the length of the bar. Mostly her regulars.
A man with blonde hair slicked away from his face stood at the opposite end. He leaned what she estimated to be a six-foot tall frame against the counter, probably waiting for her. Drea excused herself and moved toward him. Something about him was oddly familiar. Like she’d met him before. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she knew this stranger…intimately.
Suddenly, her stomach summersaulted, and she paused, mid-step, to lay a hand over it. Strange.
Drea continued to approach the customer. For reasons unbeknownst to her, her belly fluttered wildly again. She’d once known a man who could make her feel like a high school girl crushing on her first love.
He had been her real first love. The man she would have walked with through the burning fires of Hell.
The father of her four-year-old son, Reed.
Couldn’t be him. He’d died years ago. His uncle had told her that.
With a mental shrug, she reached the customer. “What can I get you?”
Her eyes locked with his. She’d know those amber-colored pools anywhere. She froze, rooted to the floor. It couldn’t be.
Could it?

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Author Bio:

I'm a writer of sexy romances with a kick of heat! Though my contracted stories are paranormals, I haven't discounted writing a contemporary or two.

I live in Pennsylvania just a hair shy of the Maryland border. I live with a family I adore which includes two furry feline children and a furry canine daughter.

In my spare time, I'm more than likely watching television. I watch Bones, Blue Bloods, NCIS:New Orleans, or some sort of car show like Wheeler Dealers.

I'm a huge sports fan, football in particular. During the fall/winter, I'm watching Notre Dame or Penn State on Saturdays and the Saints or Colts on Sunday.

I've been known to have my nose buried in a book. Nora Roberts/JD Robb and Clive Cussler are favorites of mine. I know, I know...Clive Cussler isn't a romance author. The man can weave a tale of adventure like no other!

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Friday, February 13, 2015

In the Spotlight...Sexy to Go!

Sizzling short stories from top-selling authors

Sample romance in all its flavors in Sexy to Go. From paranormal to contemporary, you’ll find your fix here. Look for a brand new collection every month.

Punishing the Messenger by Tara Quan
When her flighty cousin bails hours before the wedding, Kailee Chan is forced to deliver the news. The dominant groom punishes her instead, and her submission leads to a far more serious commitment.

Trio Concerto by Eva Lefoy
Casi suffers a scheduling mishap, but finds impromptu sex in the forest fulfils more than one personal fantasy. When the sexy shifters vanish, she’s left with an invitation to return. Does she dare?

To Love Again by Allie Ritch
Kara is a reincarnated sorceress who has cheated death to return to her vampire lover again and again. She always comes back to Griffin. And she always leaves him, too. Now the anniversary of her first death has arrived, and she’s fated to die. Will she finally let Griffin turn her so they can be together forever? Or will she love him again in the next life?

Faking It by Sofia Grey
Lucy can’t believe her luck. Upgrade to 1st class flight and a hot hunk in the next seat. He’d never be interested in a geek, so maybe it’s time to reinvent herself? Faking it has never been such fun.

Assistant Seduction by Jocelyn Dex
When the temp agency sends Kyla a hunky male assistant, who looks as if he stepped out of one of her erotic stories, will she get more than she bargained for?

Unconventional Spark by Allyson Lindt
If Jade can’t learn to balance business and pleasure, she’ll lose the best thing that’s ever happened to her—the unconventional spark she shares with her boyfriend, Brandon

Dancing in the Flame by Ann Gimpel
Keira’s an indentured hooker. Mired in the hopelessness of her dreams, she longs for more and finds it in Barrett. He’s not what he seems, but neither is she—except she doesn’t know it yet.

Skin by Leigh Ellwood
Skin - One needs a tough skin to endure an unpleasant situation. When Lt. Andromeda Kurn is sentenced for damaging property during a shore leave, the skin suit she must wear enhances the pleasure of her punishment.

Meant to Be by Nerika Parke
A rock concert, a chance meeting with a sexy musician and a night on the beach turn Jessica’s unremarkable life upside down when she takes a weekend away for her birthday.

Dreamwalker: Key to Paradise by Pamela Moran
Pulled together through a world of dreams, Lena and Davis might have found the Key to Paradise. Can he convince her to take a chance, to believe in impossible possibilities, to hold on to their dream?

For His Pleasure by Shiloh Saddler
A black slave and white plantation owner’s son narrowly avoid being separated when the estate is sold. Forced into poverty they must work hard to survive. But through the hardship their love endures.

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In the Spotlight...Sara Burr!

Please join me in welcoming Sara Burr and her debut Astraea Press release, Underground Rose.

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After her surprise discovery of a mystical gift, fourteen-year-old Rose Wilson thinks her life is ruined. It turns out she comes from a long line of gifted women, and despite her protests, Rose’s mom ships her off to her grandmother’s house to spend the summer learning about her family’s well-hidden secrets. To make matters worse, Rose is expected to carry out this tradition alongside her mousy, bookworm cousin, Megan. What a waste of a summer.
With some effort, Rose and Megan manage to find common ground and by the time they get home, they’re working together to adjust to their new life. But everything is turned upside down again when their families are exposed by witch hunters who call themselves The Witches’ Hammer. With killers on the loose, their tiny town isn’t safe anymore. Rose’s entire family is fragmented and forced to flee through a network of hiding places, dubbed The Witches’ Underground Railroad.

As she journeys to the sea, Rose learns more and more about who she really is. The closer she gets to her destination, the more danger she encounters, until she is forced to make the ultimate decision: follow her family’s edict of non-violence and become an orphan, or save her mom’s life.


A pool of blood already surrounded Amber's head, and she was as pale as a ghost. Her breathing was shallow and labored.
Rose started parting her wet hair, little by little, trying to find the wound. Finally, after the longest minute of her life, she found it. The wide cut was right on the crown of Amber's head – how could she have missed that? – and it was bleeding fast.
Fighting not to gag at the metallic smell, Rose put her hands on the slippery gash and pushed, like the lady said, but the blood just seeped through her fingers. The bleeding wasn't stopping. Was she doing it right?
Feeling completely helpless, she began to sob.
She didn't dare leave Amber again to go back to the phone.
“I don't know what to do!” she cried out. “Help,” she croaked, knowing no one could hear. “Please help.”
Suddenly, she felt something strange happening, deep inside her chest. A comforting warmth, like hot chocolate on a freezing cold day, heated her from the inside out. It spread and expanded from her chest, bubbling and tingling like a fizzy drink, growing like wild morning glory vines, covering every part of her insides.
Was it coming from her heart?
It grew until she felt like she couldn’t contain all that heat for one second longer. Then, when she thought she might just explode, the heat-vines raced down her arms. An effervescent mixture of blue, pink, and purple light exploded from her hands, and surrounded Amber's head like a quivering, transparent cocoon.
Rose sucked in a breath and blinked in disbelief.
She was frozen – afraid to move or even breathe. She stared with her mouth agape, her emerald eyes wide, as the bleeding slowed.
What the heck is happening? she thought. Is this a dream?
She didn't understand what she was seeing. Was it ... magic?
The glimmering cocoon continued pulsating from her fingertips, surrounding Amber's head. Rose didn't dare let go, for fear of undoing this miracle.
Then Amber started to stir.
This was not something Rose wanted to discuss. What kind of a freak would Amber think she was? Reluctantly, she removed her hands.
The vines of warmth snapped back into her, like a recoiling measuring tape. Then, the peculiar sensation was gone. No more heat. No more colors. She looked at her hands in a mixture of awe and disgust.
What was that? she asked herself.
She didn't know, but she was glad it was over.

A few short seconds later, Amber opened her eyes. Her face so pale her freckles looked three dimensional and her icy blue eyes were even more clear than usual.


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About the Author:

Sara has been entranced by the written word for as long as she can remember. The daughter of a school teacher, she fell in love with books as soon as she could read them. She wrote her very first story, about a girl who ran away and hid in her cousin’s lilac bush, when she was just eleven. Although her stories have grown more complicated and less petulant since then, Sara still loves to entertain kids with her words.

When she isn’t writing, Sara has a big family to keep her busy: a husband who is her other half, and four children who are wonderfully individual. They live next to a beautiful lake in a tiny town with no street lights. Sara spends lots of time taking care of little superheroes. She likes to camp with her family, enjoys traveling, and hopes to see the Northern Lights someday.

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