Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In the Spotlight...Andy Lewter

“Through the body, strength and healing prevail.”


After her experience during spring break, Abigail Everett battles to fill the role she inherited as the leader of Valens – people that possess unparalleled strength and dangerous mind powers.

Being forced to choose between what her heart wants and what is right, contending with captivating peer pressures, and nearing the brink of war, she must prove herself worthy. Not only to those who follow her legacy, but to herself.

Will she be able to stop this war before it begins?

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"It was stupid for you to come here. This place is crawling with guards," Miles said in a threatening tone.

"I don't care anymore," Nicholas said, almost inaudibly.

"Why are you here, Ludovic?"

Nicholas stepped closer, the fog becoming denser by the second. I shifted my footing and chanced a peek from behind Miles. His eyes looked tired and his hands hung loosely by his side. "I came for her."


Andy Lewter is a stay-at-home mom with three beautiful children. Between homework, playing, cooking, and cleaning, she writes on the side. Most of her inspiration comes from life experiences that have helped her grow. She also gets inspiration from the crazy vivid dreams that occur on the nightly, and from the amazing people that have touched her life.

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