Friday, October 9, 2015

In the Spotlight...J Andersen

THE BREEDING TREE-- final coverPlease join me in welcoming J. Andersen and her newest release, The Breeding Tree. Be sure to check out the buy link ;-) Also be sure to check out the recipes at the end of this post.

BLURB: Is the opportunity to create the next generation of life a dream come true or a deadly nightmare? When seventeen year old Katherine Dennard is selected to become a "Creation Specialist" in Sector 4, the opportunity sounds like a dream come true. But Kate soon discovers the darker side of her profession - the disposal of fetal organs and destruction of human life. It makes sense, really. In a society where disease and malformations don t exist, human perfection demands that no genetic "mutants" be allowed to live. For Sector 4, "survival of the fittest" is not just a theory - it's The Institute's main mission. When Kate discovers that The Institute is using her DNA to create new life, her work gets personal. In order to save her unviable son, she'll have to trust Micah and his band of underground Natural Born Rebels. The problem is, if The Institute discovers her betrayal, the next body being disposed of could be hers.

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Andersen_headshotAuthor Bio: There’s not much to do growing up in a small town in Western, NY, so J. Andersen wrote stories and won high school writing contests. But in college her writing was limited to term papers. While teaching middle school she began to read young adult books and got serious about writing. She now writes full time, volunteers at the town library, helps to run a School of the Arts at her church, and sings in the church band. She enjoys good coffee—read: home roasted by her husband—crafts, baking, and chasing after her children. You’ll rarely see J. without a book in her hands, and that’s the way she’d like to keep it. 

Snapchat ID: jvdlandersen

            One of Micah’s first gifts to Kate is a scone he smuggles from the cafĂ©. With caloric intake regulated, extra treats go against The Institute’s standards.
            With any writing, a little bit of the author gets into the story. Such is the case with the scones. Let me tell you the whole story:
            When I was little, my mother went back to school to be a teacher. When she was at classes, my dad was in charge of feeding me and my two older brothers. It’s a miracle we’re all still alive. Cooking is not my dad’s forte.
            This is my dad’s recipe for pizza:
            1 can chicken noodle soup
            1 package Lipton cup-a-soup, chicken flavor
            1 package Ramen noodles, chicken flavor
                        Cook all soups together. Add an egg.
                        Yield: 1 large pepperoni pizza that my brother, Nate, purchases to save us all from
 the horror of dad’s soup.

            To this day, my dad insists the egg was supposed to be for thickening. My mother tried to torture me for weeks after by putting that soup in a thermos in my lunch until I begged her to stop.
            What does all this have to do with scones, you ask? Of all the things my dad cannot cook, which is nearly everything, he makes the absolute best cranberry orange scones. I mean, hide-from-the-kids, these-are-all-mine good.
            Here’s the recipe:
            2 ½ c flour
            2 ½ t baking powder
            ½ t baking soda
            ¾ c butter
            1 c chopped cranberries, dried. (Dad uses more than 1c)
            Zested orange peel (Lots)
            2/3 c sugar
            ½ c buttermilk
                        Preheat oven to 400. Combine all dry ingredients. Cut in butter. Add in
                        cranberries, orange peel and sugar. Stir in enough buttermilk to moisten.
                        Pat into ½ inch circles Cut into triangles. Bake for 12-15 minutes.

            Much better than the soup, don’t you think? 

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  1. This story still makes me laugh every time I read it. My poor dad. I'm glad he has my mom to feed him! ;) Thanks for hosting me here.